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Revisiting Google Plus

4 Aug

A month has passed and G+ has integrated nicely into my life. In the few days I started using it, G+ felt like an exclusive club where we got to hang out with some of the tech bigwigs. People like Myspace founder Tom Anderson and VC/entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki were suddenly reinstating their influence and making a lot of noise – mostly good noise. They loved it and everybody loved it too and shared their devotion to G+ and prided themselves as G+ users.

Having been on G+ for a month now, the growing G+ community took me by the most surprise. I didn’t expect to find the majority of users to be programmers, engineers and nerds like myself who were also into technology. That’s a huge reason why I stayed on G+ and love about it. I’m biased however.

Besides that, people were also adding thoughtful dialogue, sharing new content and making new connections. It felt authentic, closer to a real life discussion than what I experienced on Twitter or Facebook. I felt more confident knowing people were actually adding me to their circles because they found me interesting. There was also little to no spam. That was a huge +1!

As I started using G+ more, I drew boundaries when sharing. Posting became more of a conscious effort and I became aware of my audience. I don’t sync my updates among all social platforms. I use each for specific purposes and feel like each has different effects in amplifying thoughts and ideas.

When I share a post on Facebook, I get responses from a core group of friends. I still tweet, but half the time it’s sorting through spambots and obsessing about your follower count. I still find Twitter trumps G+ on the news front however. With G+, it tries to be both, however it stands out by encouraging people to participate in a discussion with friends and strangers. That is probably the most amazing part.

Now the funny part about G+ is that the people don’t get tired of singing its praises. Somehow discussing G+ with other diehard users convinces themselves how great it is. Outsiders AND insiders hear the fanaticism over G+ and current users have dissected G+ more than the Google engineers who developed it! Bottom line: People really want to preserve this interactive community.

I am a believer in it too and actively using it. I’m still unsure whether I’ll leave Facebook altogether or if G+ will be interesting enough months from now to keep me engaged. I am observing my own social media behavior evolve as I spend more time on it. G+ does increase the social aspect of social media and that is a very good thing. While Facebook remains the lazy way of interacting with friends and Twitter focuses on popularity and online clout, G+ focuses on community. To my surprise, G+ is filling in the social media hole that I felt was missing in other platforms.



29 Jun

Getting spam in your inbox is pretty much the norm now. In fact we come to expect it. If we don’t get any we start to wonder if something is wrong. Sometimes I get hit by twitterbots who message me and I am amused at how these fake profiles couldn’t be any less human. I assume these people behind a façade are actual people? My naïve side wonders why be disingenuous? It’s probably less of a chore when you are yourself. It’s a marketing ploy, and they guarantee fast money.  I understand. But it ‘s sad though, can they really expect something fictitious to create a real following? But It’s way too easy to identify spam. Not just me, but anybody real will delete you, block you and report you. We all need genuine interactions even if it’s online. There tends to be as many spammers as there are anonymous users, but we basically all seek one thing in common: attention. When genuine interaction takes place, it’s refreshing and oftentimes validation of your efforts. It’s nice when some of these interactions are real and meaningful. Social media is social, yes? I think I’ve reminded myself to send more twitter love, comment more. We can always give more attention, poke and check in on someone and like something to give an encouraging nudge. I love twitter for many reasons and finding like-minded people and sharing with others is part of the attraction. I hope we can keep building on this great community and keep creating authentic connections.