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18 Sep

It’s something that many people have in common. I started writing them in college and it’s transformed over time as I crossed off a few items and my interests faded. Does your bucket list just keep getting longer? At the rate I’m going I will never reach the end. I’ve gone so far as making lists for each decade. As it gets more difficult to do certain things when I’m older I put the more physically demanding items on the immediate list, i.e. things I want to do now. Conversely, I have goals that would be impossible to achieve now because I don’t have the money, or feel like I’m not mature enough.

Running a marathon was one thing I crossed off my list and happily so. It made me consider a triathlon. Talking to other fitness fiends who were hooked on racing, the seed was already planted in my head. Ambition prodded me to do more races and take it to the next level. Now I’ve started swimming and in a few weeks I’m doing my second marathon.

So is a bucket list just the start? A guideline to get you motivated to do something ooh and ahh worthy? I realize that there is no end goal in sight. As great a feeling it is to show off an accomplishment, you’re just stepping into new territory. You might have a medal around your neck, but your mind is already thinking about improvements the next time around. You become a better competitor; you find new strength in your abilities.

I had an amazing first marathon and even though I can tell others I checked it off my bucket list, it was just the beginning. That’s what surprised me. I remember a runner telling me you should treat a marathon as a sport just like you would a football or baseball game. Putting it on a bucket list undermines the sport. It is true. For running and other pursuits.

Every goal reached can become more than a one-time thing. I get inspired daily, and my desires keep changing. A checklist is too static to reflect our dynamic lives. I hope I don’t stop when I know I can aim higher.