27 Feb

It’s February, and the 31 days in your new year failed to make a blip. I don’t remember what I did last week let alone yesterday. Some weeks fall into auto-pilot mode and you become so comfortable that the days are pleasant enough, but for the most part uneventful. Good habits have its merits, but when I hit a plateau I start to wonder what’s missing. The act of going through the motions is like a spell that needs more than just a little self-awareness to snap out of.

Examining your track record and accomplishments in the last few years might draw a long pause. Maybe that raise justified your hard work. Maybe that presentation was impressive. There is no grade to prove it and everything is relative. You kind of have to gauge your ability but knowing yourself, maybe you are not actively aware or trying. You might say you’re just average or perhaps smart. But are you? Have you seen yourself lately pushed to your limit? What’s stopping you from becoming stronger, better than what you’re capable of?

I know the daily grind can stymie thoughts of self-growth, and yet it begs you to re-evaluate. If you look at your life a few years from now and it feels uninspired, you must ask yourself why.

When days become forgettable, the benign sign of monotony has set in. The lulls lead to complacency and opportunities remain unnoticed. Life feels almost too comfortable or easy, and restlessness grows. I take it as a warning. After an honest self-check, I get back to working harder than I normally do. I try to challenge myself again and recover purposeful thoughts. Life shouldn’t pass as ordinary because it’s not.


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