12 Nov

I’m a big fan of change. Or at least the thought of it. Not the unexpected and sudden kind, but the kind you initiate yourself. The type that gets you motivated and presents new challenges within reach. The changes I like are the ones that are self-motivated when you finally act on important decisions.

I fall in the camp that believes lasting change happens in small increments. We practice little by little daily until it eventually becomes the norm. Baby steps make the change easier to adopt and help build our confidence. I suppose easing myself into it is one way of fooling myself that change isn’t difficult.

But looking back, I realize some of the bigger changes brought about the biggest lessons in my life. They were also among the best.

Moving to a new state was among them. I pretty much didn’t know anybody. I was starting a new job and leaving a lot of baggage behind. The new scenery was welcomed, but the huge adjustments that followed brought about some really tough experiences. I saw a new side to myself, how vulnerable I allowed myself to be and yet how perseverant I was. I was a much more hopeful and independent person than I realized. I don’t believe these new thoughts would ever have come about any other way.

I liken it to those moments when we discover and learn something about ourselves after being tested and stretched to our limits. Much like those people who endure the rollercoaster ride of losing weight on TV shows like the Biggest Loser, your strength comes from being able to adapt to those huge changes. Those intense situations bring out the best and worst sides of yourself, but a test of whether you learn from it or succumb to it.

As I’ve fallen into a comfortable routine these days, I wonder if I’ve become adverse to big changes. Is it just another phase in life or does it become harder as we get older? Is there a time and place for change, big or small, that’s necessary in our lives?

I think so, but our capacity for change dictates that. Sometimes the biggest changes transform you in a short period of time.

These days I would draw up plans, dwell on them, thinking they could lead to something big and exciting. A lot of times I would shelve the plans away. At this point in my life, I’ve gotten hesitant about change, but am reminding myself to weigh the experience over the outcome. I wouldn’t know unless I acted on it. It may be well worth it, maybe more than I realize.


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