30 days

24 Jul

A lot can happen in a month. You stay abroad for a month and it completely changes your worldview. You commit to running for the first time and run your first 8k and have been running since. True stories from my life.

I was watching a TED Talk the other day where the speaker was encouraging the audience to commit to something for 30 days. It could be anything you’ve always wanted to do, but have put off like a exploring a new hobby or breaking a bad habit. Somehow in that span of 30 days, a real transformation takes place. You start building that mental muscle called persistence.

Often when I start anything new, there’s a steep learning curve that I have to overcome. The hobby you liked starts to feel like work, and the habit you’re badly trying to break is looking more like a personality flaw. I start to weigh the cost of time spent. Am I going to meet my goal? Is it worth it?

That question creeps up all the time and that self-doubt has stopped me from pursuing many things.

30 days is a great trial period, a challenge for you to figure out whether this habit of yours can be corrected. It’s a great experiment to find out the difference between a hobby and a passion.

If you have a lot of ideas and projects cooking in your head, what’s a month spent working on them intently when you will probably start them at some point, but with less vigor and focus?

Worst case scenario, you can finally say you did done it. Liking it might be another story.


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