A matter of opinion

18 Jul

People are opinionated as much as they are demanding sometimes and it shows on pages like Yelp and Amazon. I frequent these pages to get a second opinion, and I end up combing through the reviews to find a negative comment that will tempt me to change my mind.

Just recently I had to buy something trivial as a cutting board and somehow it transformed into a hunt for THE best cutting board. My search became increasingly involved and I learned more than I wanted to about the differences between bamboo and natural wood boards. I ended up returning a few cutting boards that I disliked and started to wonder the credibility of reviewers who raved about the less-than stellar products.

Most people make informed decisions before they purchase something. In my case above I overly obsessed the process but I don’t think it strays far from say, my next door neighbor’s decision making skills. We want the best and if we get something that’s close to it, we have to tell people about it. If we hate it, we have to vent, too.

With Facebook’s ‘Like’ and Google’s +1 button, your friends’ preferences show up on sites and can potentially influence you. Does a friend’s opinion weigh more than the general consensus? I personally try to weigh everybody’s opinion equally, friend or not. (Maybe I trust strangers more than I realize?)

I try not to take reviews on Yelp and Amazon to heart. I might be picky in areas that others aren’t and vice versa. People including myself are just too particular. Our reactions are fleeting, variable and emotionally driven that I just have to try it and decide for myself.


2 Responses to “A matter of opinion”

  1. boonlee89 July 21, 2011 at 7:55 pm #

    well written! preferences are subjective so naturally what works for one might not please the other. I try to be as just with my judgement as possible but sometimes people’s opinion play a big role when I make my final call. you would think that with so many people sharing the same opinion about something it would be accurate, but not always! I think one of the most overrated opinion are those concerning restaurants and services – something you can’t put a finger on until you try it for yourself.

    • jenahfah July 21, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

      Thank you for the kind words! Nice to know I’m not alone on this. 🙂

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