13 Jul

We have all experienced a point of saturation in our lives when we feel ready if not more than ready to finally start something. It could be something new and exciting or it could be taking on a project you finally have confidence for. You’ve acquired all the knowledge and excelled to a level that it’s time to finally apply yourself. Maybe hitting this turning point is a sign just to start and create anything.

I’m convinced that everybody is creative in some way or other. When I say creative, it’s not solely about the arts, but applying abstract concepts and skills in creating something that you can call your own. It has your perspective. It’s uniquely yours. I feel that without realizing it, some of us play down their creative side and leave it up to so-called ‘artsy’ types. We convince ourselves that we’re more left brain than right brain. When we assume such things maybe we are missing out on tapping into something great?

As an expressive people, we’ve found so many outlets to release all of our ideas on Twitter, Youtube and blogosphere. I started my blog mainly as a form of sharing some deep, and not-so-profound thoughts and to practice my writing. It has taught me to stop and pause the twitter feeds and digest it all. My naturally curious self is taking a new turn in applying all that I take in from the web and exchange new insights and discoveries. I read because I think the world is interesting. I write because I need to express how interesting the world is.

Perhaps I am in some ways just adding more noise to the chatter on the internet with a blog. For now, it’s my form of expression and my creative outlet. 


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