29 Jun

Getting spam in your inbox is pretty much the norm now. In fact we come to expect it. If we don’t get any we start to wonder if something is wrong. Sometimes I get hit by twitterbots who message me and I am amused at how these fake profiles couldn’t be any less human. I assume these people behind a façade are actual people? My naïve side wonders why be disingenuous? It’s probably less of a chore when you are yourself. It’s a marketing ploy, and they guarantee fast money.  I understand. But it ‘s sad though, can they really expect something fictitious to create a real following? But It’s way too easy to identify spam. Not just me, but anybody real will delete you, block you and report you. We all need genuine interactions even if it’s online. There tends to be as many spammers as there are anonymous users, but we basically all seek one thing in common: attention. When genuine interaction takes place, it’s refreshing and oftentimes validation of your efforts. It’s nice when some of these interactions are real and meaningful. Social media is social, yes? I think I’ve reminded myself to send more twitter love, comment more. We can always give more attention, poke and check in on someone and like something to give an encouraging nudge. I love twitter for many reasons and finding like-minded people and sharing with others is part of the attraction. I hope we can keep building on this great community and keep creating authentic connections.


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