Happy Birthday

14 Jun

My birthday passed just a few days ago and the big 30 is now looming, I wonder if I’ll learn to accept getting older. I don’t think about my age too much but it would be a lie if I said I didn’t fear getting older. Old is an ugly word, a sensitive topic and avoided altogether. On the other hand, it can remind some about the carefree days and make people suddenly romanticize their youth.  I wonder if we exaggerate how amazing our twenties were?

It’s true, youth is prized over wisdom and experience much too often. There is a lot appealing about being young and it’s not just being the hot commodity in the dating scene. You’re idealistic, energetic and hopeful and there’s the perception that you can get away with anything when you’re young. You can be foolish. “Mistakes are done excessively and vehemently. The young overdo everything, they love too much, hate too much and the same with everything else.” This Aristotle quote reminds me again to be reckless in my passions, why don’t we risk more for what we love on a regular basis? For me, I hope it remains true past my twenties. Successful people, if not, the happiest people do this all the time. Don’t we have the additional benefit of greater focus as we get older. What we may be lacking in energy, we at least know where to put it.

Some yearn for their twenties again, but when I think about my twenties I felt mostly restless. It was fun, but in some ways it hasn’t changed much as I’ve gotten older.  I still maintain a sense of fun, I just have more responsibilities and the common sense not to mess it up. Hangovers become nuisances and I actually have reason to get up early the next morning. Is this a sign I’m slowly creeping towards maturity unawares?

While it seems like the mid-life crisis is set up to be a downward spiral it’s a gross exaggeration. If women are willing to invest money into botox and men in their souped up cars just to feel good about themselves, our value of youth must be very superficial at best.

Today still feels the same as yesterday just a day older. I’m more content. Hopefully wiser, too.


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